One on one sessions entail a personal experience where I read your energy profile and facilitate the process. I will tap into the wisdom of your body.

When reading your energy profile I will determine where your energy is blocked and where you feel life is not manifesting or flowing in the way it should, resulting in disappointment.

Most of the time you are unaware of blocked energy as they are imprinted in the deep unconscious or subconscious mind. This can sabotage you and creates an automatic reaction. You can be completely unaware that energy imprints affect you and what you attract into your life.

Being able to access this information and bring it to a conscious level, only then you are able to set yourself free and find a new paradigm to operate from.

We will delve deeper into goals or areas in your life where you have difficulty achieving what you set out to do. We will find new goals where you can access fulfilment that resonates with your true self.

We want to raise your vibration, lift your energy that you are living a life aligned to your true potential.

  • Duration of session: 60 min
  • Fee: $100/session (phone/zoom)

Please e-mail to book a spot. 

24-hour cancellation policy: Please honor this policy.