Mindful Beauty Box

The female warrior UPLIFTING mindful beauty box is a gift to yourself, a gift to celebrate your inner beauty.

You owe yourself time, time for self-compassion, time to bloom. Time is the greatest gift you need to give yourself now.

When you feel drained and overtired, take the time to refuel your inner being and acknowledge your inner beauty. Stress and tension will disappear while you pamper and nurture yourself with our uplifting mindful beauty box.

Mindful Beauty Box

The bliss REJUVENATING mindful beauty box, with its magical elements and fresh scents, opens you up to a magical world. It will ground you and connect you to the life force of nature.

When feeling weary and fatigued, spray the freshness of the auric mist over you while imagining dewdrops falling onto you.

Bliss is enhanced with the alchemical spagyric extracted aloe ferox, hypericum and calendula that brings light-heartedness and joy to life.

Mindful Beauty Box

The blossom REVITALIZING mindful beauty box opens you up to the possibility of receiving and will enlighten you through its delightful and soft floral notes. It will raise your vibration.

When you feel worn out and tired, surrender and accept the gift of receiving.

Blossom is enhanced with the alchemical spagyric extracted aloe ferox that expands life force energy on a deep energetic level supporting vibrational shift.

Mindful Beauty Box

The peace of mind CALMING mindful beauty box with its gentle floral notes brings calm, balance and clarity to you.

When finding it difficult to relax, peace of mind brings soothing and calming energy to your heart.

Relax and experience the care you give yourself until you feel the pulsation of life coming back and your heartbeat synchronizing with all that is connected in you.